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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a child. Please feel free to reach out to the team directly on WhatsApp on +256794528715reaching out doesn’t mean you’re committing, please feel free to inquire about absolutely anything!
When considering sponsoring a child, please think about the length of commitment you are looking to take on. The younger the child, the longer the commitment as we encourage sponsors to intend to sponsor a child at least to the end of secondary school.
There are youths in Uganda at all different levels from pre-primary all the way through to university/courses.

General levels of sponsorship:
Typically to sponsor per year it costs:
£400 in primary for a day scholar
£600 for primary boarding
£800 for secondary (they all board in secondary).
These amounts can be paid in installments to suit you throughout the year.
If this all sounds a bit too much, please consider a one off donation or a monthly direct debit that you feel comfortable with. This money is pooled together to send more children to school!

Why child sponsorship means more now than ever before

For just £50 a month you’ll sponsor a child directly. Your sponsorship will …

Provide your sponsored child with urgent necessities such as food, water and shelter during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Connect your sponsored child and their family to the support of a local church.

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Bring real and lasting change to your sponsored child. Once restrictions lift, they will benefit from the longstanding project-based Compassion programme.